Episode 16 Ryan Haugen Submariner, Silent Warrior Project

Dan reminds the audience of The Garrison Project's current efforts then jumps into this episode's interview with Ryan Haugen. Ryan served as a Submarine Mess Specialist (Cook), he is a trauma survivor and is now leading a project called The Silent Warrior Project ( Ryan shares some stories from his time in the submarine force and working through some difficult experiences both during and after his time in the Navy. Ryan then shares what he and his team are working toward with Silent Warrior Project. Ryan provides his contact info toward the end of his episodes.

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Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for Voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music.

TGPP EPISODE 15 Pat Hartley Navy Nuclear Machinist Mate, Retired, Maintenance Management Professional

Dan touches base on TGP's progress - The Rucksack, Veterans Community Center and Deep, Deep Leadership then gets into a great interview with a Submarine colleague from 20 years ago - Pat Hartley.

Pat shares his story of joining the Navy, his vision and plan, his varied career in the Submarine force serving on six boats, his transition out and great career since ending up in his current job which is very, very cool.

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Episode 9 Bill Nowicki, Navy Submarine Electricians Mate

Dan provides some updates on The Garrison Project - specifically that The Veterans Community Center is up and live on the website as is The Rucksack where we can all add and provide links to resources that you've found useful.

Bill Nowicki makes an appearance and tells some stories about his time in the Submarine Force, his experience in commercial nuclear power and his media business including two podcasts of his own.

Special thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for podcast voiceover work and Mark Cauvel for intro and outro music.