TGPP EPISODE 11 Matt Butler - Air Force Air Battle Manager, Entrepreneur

Dan reminds us of a couple items going on with The Garrison Project - namely The Rucksack and The Veterans Community Center and then introduces this episode's guest. Matt Butler, recently retired Air Force Air Battle Manager and entrepreneur with his company Rollors which he started while on Active Duty.

Check us out at and tune in for our next episode coming soon.

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music.

Episode 8: Michael Scott - Army Parachute Rigger

A couple more quick notes about where we stand with The Garrison Project, links for our boot camp story series and joining the Veteran Community Center to get us connected for next steps as a community.

Michael Scott joins the podcast to discuss his 25 years in the Army as a Parachute Rigger. Lots of good stories about his deployment to Iraq, stuff he learned in his career, how he joined, some thoughts about his family, his service dog and the programs he supports to stay busy.

Episode 2 - Rob Davis, North Carolina National Guard

Some updates about The Garrison Project and The Garrison Project Podcast and a great interview with Rob Davis, six years artillery and 20+ years on recruiting duty.

Episode 1 - Dan Eddinger, 60's Era Navy Aviation

TGPP's first episode. Pardon the audio quality - I bought a mic the next day so follow-on episodes should be much better.

For this first pod, we host TGPP's founder's dad, Dan Eddinger and he shares his story about his time in the Navy and a story about flying in to repair an A6 with damaged landing gear.

Thanks to Bill Nowicki for Voice-Over and Mark Cauvell for 80's hair metal music.