TGPP EPISODE 10 Mary Beaver - Army and National Guard

Dan reiterates the two recent, big updates for The Garrison Project: The Rucksack is live on the website (tool kit for Veteran Resources, all provided by other Veterans) and The Veterans Community Center is also live (our own social network plug in). Check the website ( and these two cool resources and please start posting resources. The Dan is joined by Mary Beaver, 6 year Army Veteran plus a couple more years in the National Guard. Mary served in a few different capacities while in the service - intel, drill instructor and recruiting - and once transitioned out, had some incredibly interesting experiences learning about and now supporting homeless Veterans. Stay tuned to the end to hear a little about her vision for self-supporting Veteran communities.

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for voiceover and Mark Cauvel for the guitar licks.