TGPP Episode 19 Jason Dummer Army, National Guard, Contractor

Dan kicks off the show straight away and gets to an interview from the furthest interviewee in TGPP history. Great conversation about navigating some career choices and gaining experience in a number of different worlds then refocusing on some long-term goals.

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music.

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TGPP Episode 18 Michael Schultz US Navy Retired, Submarine ET

Dan kicks of a new "season" of the The Garrison Project Podcast doing away with some of the extra stuff mentioned a while ago and focusing on the stories. Michael Schultz joins the show to discuss his almost 23 years in the Navy, Submarining, the challenges of making the jump to civilian life and his plans going forward.

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TGPP Episode 17 John Kilgo Surface Warfare, TarraLou Consulting

Dan touches base on The Garrison Project - The Rucksack and The Veterans Community Center - then jumps to this episode's interview, John Kilgo. John is a Navy Veteran, former Surface Warfare Officer, Reservist and is continuing to serve as a civilian government employee for the Department of Defense. John shares some stories from his time in the Surface Navy as well as his time before and after service then Dan and John discuss John's current project - a business consulting firm assisting businesses effectively build and execute long-term strategy leveraging the concepts of military planning.

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Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki and Mark Cauvel respectively for voiceover and music.

Episode 16 Ryan Haugen Submariner, Silent Warrior Project

Dan reminds the audience of The Garrison Project's current efforts then jumps into this episode's interview with Ryan Haugen. Ryan served as a Submarine Mess Specialist (Cook), he is a trauma survivor and is now leading a project called The Silent Warrior Project ( Ryan shares some stories from his time in the submarine force and working through some difficult experiences both during and after his time in the Navy. Ryan then shares what he and his team are working toward with Silent Warrior Project. Ryan provides his contact info toward the end of his episodes.

Connect with The Garrison Project ( and reach out to Dan with your thoughts and feedback (

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for Voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music.

TGPP EPISODE 15 Pat Hartley Navy Nuclear Machinist Mate, Retired, Maintenance Management Professional

Dan touches base on TGP's progress - The Rucksack, Veterans Community Center and Deep, Deep Leadership then gets into a great interview with a Submarine colleague from 20 years ago - Pat Hartley.

Pat shares his story of joining the Navy, his vision and plan, his varied career in the Submarine force serving on six boats, his transition out and great career since ending up in his current job which is very, very cool.

Check out The Garrison Project ( and reach out to Dan to learn more about how we're connecting Vets through storytelling.

TGPP Episode 14 Carin Sendra Air Force Security Forces

Dan continues discussing the two new links on The Garrison Project - The Rucksack (resources for Vets) and The Veterans Community Center (our beta social network) and also introduces the new spinoff - Deep, Deep Leadership. Dan then gets into this episode's interview with Carin Sendra who spent time in The Air Force's Security Services, specifically the Elite Guard and is now serving as Director of Veteran Services at Cloud Co-Op's Vets2Cloud. Carin shares some great experience and insight into her transition from military to civilian life including some contracting work, her beliefs about service and how her efforts at Vets2Cloud can help other Vets making the jump. Vets2Cloud is now in The Rucksack if anyone would like to learn more.

Check us out at, especially The Rucksack and The Veterans Community Center and stay tuned for Deep, Deep Leadership.

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for Voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music.

TGPP EPISODE 13 Wes O'Donnell, Army Infantry, Air Force Surveillance Radar Journeyman

Dan jumps right into Episode 13 of The Garrison Project Podcast with his guest, Wes O'Donnell - Army, Air Force and Entrepreneur. A great discussion about Wes' background coming from a tough background, joining the Army, deploying to the Desert, getting out then coming back in with the Air Force where he got a chance to see how the other half lives. A couple great stories from his time in the military then on a to a very accomplished career as an entrepreneur and some very cool things he's working on now. Take a look at his own website ( The Warrior Lodge ( and others.

Connect with The Garrison Project ( and check out the stories plus The Rucksack and The Veterans Community Centers.

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music.

Stay tuned and stay safe.

TGPP EPISODE 12 Travis Collier - Coast Guard Senior Maritime Casualty Investigator

Dan reiterates the couple goings-on in The Garrison Project - The Rucksack and The Veterans Community Center - then gets into the show. The guest on this episode is Travis Collier, Active Duty Coast Guard Officer stationed in New Orleans. Travis is the Senior Maritime Casualty Investigator for his jurisdiction and joins the show to talk about his service and plans for a transition coming up a couple years down the road. Travis also shares a wealth of knowledge of the Coast Guard mission and what makes them unique among the services. Look for him on linked in and his books on Amazon.

Check out our site: and take a look at The Rucksack and The Veterans Community Center.

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music.

TGPP EPISODE 11 Matt Butler - Air Force Air Battle Manager, Entrepreneur

Dan reminds us of a couple items going on with The Garrison Project - namely The Rucksack and The Veterans Community Center and then introduces this episode's guest. Matt Butler, recently retired Air Force Air Battle Manager and entrepreneur with his company Rollors which he started while on Active Duty.

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Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music.

TGPP EPISODE 10 Mary Beaver - Army and National Guard

Dan reiterates the two recent, big updates for The Garrison Project: The Rucksack is live on the website (tool kit for Veteran Resources, all provided by other Veterans) and The Veterans Community Center is also live (our own social network plug in). Check the website ( and these two cool resources and please start posting resources. The Dan is joined by Mary Beaver, 6 year Army Veteran plus a couple more years in the National Guard. Mary served in a few different capacities while in the service - intel, drill instructor and recruiting - and once transitioned out, had some incredibly interesting experiences learning about and now supporting homeless Veterans. Stay tuned to the end to hear a little about her vision for self-supporting Veteran communities.

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for voiceover and Mark Cauvel for the guitar licks.

Episode 9 Bill Nowicki, Navy Submarine Electricians Mate

Dan provides some updates on The Garrison Project - specifically that The Veterans Community Center is up and live on the website as is The Rucksack where we can all add and provide links to resources that you've found useful.

Bill Nowicki makes an appearance and tells some stories about his time in the Submarine Force, his experience in commercial nuclear power and his media business including two podcasts of his own.

Special thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for podcast voiceover work and Mark Cauvel for intro and outro music.

Episode 8: Michael Scott - Army Parachute Rigger

A couple more quick notes about where we stand with The Garrison Project, links for our boot camp story series and joining the Veteran Community Center to get us connected for next steps as a community.

Michael Scott joins the podcast to discuss his 25 years in the Army as a Parachute Rigger. Lots of good stories about his deployment to Iraq, stuff he learned in his career, how he joined, some thoughts about his family, his service dog and the programs he supports to stay busy.


Dan gives a couple updates on the The Garrison Project including a new hot link to tell some stories about Boot Camp - the one thing we definitely all share (or OCS or whatever - meaning Basic Training of some sort). Dan tells some quick stories of his own from Navy Boot Camp in Orlando back in 1990.

Thanks as always to Bill Nowicki for voiceover - check him out on social and take a listen to his own podcasts.

And thanks to Mark Cauvel for music.


Some more quick updates about The Garrison Project: the website is published, getting ready for our social study on connectedness and loneliness and how connecting through stories can have a positive impact. Reach out to and visit

Long interview with Tyler Jones, former Navy IT Sailor and Mason Eddinger, former Marine Infantry.

Had to learn how to bleep out questionable references - we'll figure out how to deal with that later since life is life. Going to boot camp, trying out for SWCC, choosing IT, Blue Jacket of the Quarter, hunting, transition out, going to school, getting into forestry. Going to Marine Boot Camp, getting hit in the face, searching for higher meaning, working at whole foods, shout out to Jordan Peterson, hunting.

Credit to Bill Nowicki for voiceover and Mark Cauvel for music - thanks guys!

Episode 5 - Darrel Pruden, Navy Submariner, SSGN Sailor

A couple quick notes about progress from The Garrison Project. Another call for anyone interested in being interviewed - and - doing interviews themselves using TGP's app. Some great stories from the Navy Submarine Force from Darrell Pruden including pulling into South Korea, Japan and Hawaii. And another submarine story about being topside at night.

Contact Dan at if you're interested in appearing on the podcast - or - participating in our field test of the effectiveness of connecting through stories. We'll be facilitating correspondents conducting interviews over our mobile app and measuring the success of those interactions in increasing connectedness and reducing loneliness.

That's ...

Episode 4 - Dan Eddinger, Navy Submariner

Dan continues the discussion about the direction of The Garrison Project - Veterans connecting with Veterans across generations through the power of storytelling. A story about pulling in to Toulon, France on his first submarine - The JAMES K. POLK: touring The Gut, almost going to jail over a frisbee, the consequences of too much fun in Toulon. What should we do when stories get blue? The correspondent model explained. Help with the team's test of its correspondent model - be a reporter and connect with other Vets.

Reach out to Dan -

Episode 3 - Dan Eddinger, Navy Submariner

A non-submarine story that's entertaining none-the-less and some thoughts on how to be involved with The Garrison Project.

Episode 2 - Rob Davis, North Carolina National Guard

Some updates about The Garrison Project and The Garrison Project Podcast and a great interview with Rob Davis, six years artillery and 20+ years on recruiting duty.

Episode 1 - Dan Eddinger, 60's Era Navy Aviation

TGPP's first episode. Pardon the audio quality - I bought a mic the next day so follow-on episodes should be much better.

For this first pod, we host TGPP's founder's dad, Dan Eddinger and he shares his story about his time in the Navy and a story about flying in to repair an A6 with damaged landing gear.

Thanks to Bill Nowicki for Voice-Over and Mark Cauvell for 80's hair metal music.