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The Garrison Project is connecting Veterans to other Veterans across generations, and Veterans to their communities at large, through the Power of Storytelling. Whether you're recently transitioned out of the military, been out for years or been out for decades. Whether you did a four or six year tour or stayed for 30, whatever the branch or whatever the relationship that brings you closer to this vital part of our nation's community, join with The Garrison Project in exploring the Veteran experience and seeing where these relationships take us.

First comes the connection of our stories, then the community builds, then we will find new and innovative ways to support each other through the challenges that face us all. The First step is to tell your story for the world to hear. 


The stories that connect us all will live here to be explored through the spoken word and they will stay here to serve as a testament to those connections we built working side by side, each in our own service and each carving out our own way.

If you know a Vet and believe in the power of service and what it's done for our way of life. Or, if you are a Vet and want to reconnect with the community with whom you share an unbreakable bond - your community. Start exploring our community and our stories by clicking the explore button below to search by tags or simply navigate the shows listed here on our page.


If you would like to appear on The Garrison Project Podcast to tell your story in your own words, please click here. Our team will be in touch to answer any questions your might have, schedule a planning call (if needed) and schedule a time slot to record the interview itself.

Please also follow this link if you have any thoughts, questions or input on what we’re doing here at The Garrison Project. Our goal is to be a platform owned by the community that connects across it and we’ll look to ways to leverage this community together down the road sometime. For now, engage and enjoy the show.


The Garrison Project Podcast is a one-of-a-kind platform telling the stories that connect Veterans across generations and those same Vets to the rest of our community around us. We look forward to hearing both the most dramatic things that happened during your service but maybe more importantly, the day-to-day stories that connect us all and make the strongest bonds between us.